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Memorial Day Weekend/Kickoff to Lake Season
May 5, 2014
With the lake season quickly approaching, it is important for all boat operators to review Lake Stonycreek’s Rules and Regulations [.pdf], as well as the PA Boating Handbook [.pdf]. Let’s make this summer the most safe and enjoyable season yet. Can’t wait to see you out on the water!

Lowering the Lake
Mar. 20, 2014
The Lake Stonycreek Board is planning to lower the lake in the Fall 2014 to allow for dock and shoreline maintenance. The Board is also considering leaving the lake lowered over the winter to help reduce weeds. This will be further discussed at the Shareholder’s Meeting that will be held on Friday, May 23.

Dam Improvement Update
News_Derby_Pic December 2013

The downstream work on the dam outlet structure was completed this fall and work is now stopped until spring. Work completed through December included slip-lining the existing discharge pipe and installing the new downstream valve and headwall (see photo). Work will re-commence this spring and will include installing the upstream sluice gate and gate house building. The lake will not be lowered to perform this work. Work is on schedule and on budget to be completed by Memorial Day.

1st Annual Lake Stonycreek Kids Fishing Derby = Success
News_Derby_Pic Sept. 2, 2013

The first annual fishing derby was a great success. With 29 registered children ages 3-14, eight won 1st and 2nd place trophies. The total number of fish caught was 376 and each participant went home with a prize. The Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC) would like to thank everyone who participated, helped with the event and made a donation. Check out photos from the event »

Fishing DerbyJoin the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC) for the 1st Annual Lake Stonycreek Kids Fishing Derby on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013. The event is free and open to all kids ages 3-14. For more information regarding prizes, times, and rules and regulations, please view the informational flyer [.pdf] or contact the SVDC.

DEP Approves Stonycreek Dam Repair [.pdf]
July 2, 2013

DEP-Division of Dam Safety approved our plans to replace the downstream valve, slip-line the existing discharge pipe and install a new upstream sluice gate in the dam. The SVDC Board will bid the construction work in July with the intent of commencing the work in September. The project will be bid with the options of performing the work with and without a lake drawdown. The price will ultimately dictate if a drawdown will occur. The Board will update the website with additional information as it becomes available. More [.pdf] »

27 thoughts on “News & Events

  1. Andrew Rehbogen

    After reading through the literature on the dam project, do we have a date yet for lake drawdown? Please advise so we can all make plans for watercraft removal and dock repairs. Thanks.

  2. Andrew Rehbogen

    Are there plans to improve the boat launch area by the dam with a permanent ramp, walkway, and temp tie-up facility?

  3. palakestonycreek Post author

    The weeds are an ongoing problem. The board is evaluating options. Unfortunately, there is no single solution and most are very expensive. We are considering lowering the lake next winter (2014-2015) to freeze them out.

  4. palakestonycreek Post author

    The roadway and launch into the lake will be improved. There are no plans for a walkway or temp tie up facility. However, we can discuss this at the next board meeting.

  5. Kathe Kane

    Please be advised that the next board meeting, which anyone can attend, is scheduled for September 12th 2013 at 5:30pm rather than the usual third Thursday of the month. Attending is a great way to find out what our board is discussing, deciding on and dealing with.

  6. Kathe Kane

    Next board meeting is Thursday, October 17th at 5:30 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Shanksville.

  7. Dennis Hahn

    Please send to me a copy of the board meeting minutes for May, June and July, 2013. Thank you in advance. I would like to receive these meetings before the November Board Meeting.

  8. Dennis Hahn

    Thanks for the response…..But, when can I expect to receive the requested information. I have been keeping an eye out via e-mail…. have not received the information to date.

  9. Dennis Hahn

    This is my SECOND request to receive the minutes for the May, June, and July, 2013, Board Meetings.
    Having Web access to the minutes, as were previously posted to this Website for October, November and December, 2012, was a much more efficient way to find out what our board is discussing, particularly if unable to attend the meetings.
    Please consider posting the minutes to the Website again, but in the meantime, please send me the requested information. Thank You.

  10. palakestonycreek Post author

    Glenda, Please keep your eye out for the meeting minutes via email. During the latest Board Meeting, it was voted to remove the meeting minutes from the website. Thank you.

  11. Dennis Hahn

    I regret having to make repeated requests for the minutes of the Board Meetings for May, June and July, 2013, but it is obvious that there is a problem since my e-mails continue to be overlooked and go unanswered. You have my name, my address, my e-mail and my phone number.
    What do you suggest I do, as a shareholder, unable to attend meetings, to obtain a copy of not only the minutes, but also a copy of the By-Laws, and the latest Financial Report. I want to know what the Board is discussing and doing with the collected and uncollected Revenues.
    You previously stated that ALL SHOULD DO THEIR FAIR SHARE and I complied to all of your requests, including the Special Assessment.
    This is my THIRD request. Thank You.

  12. palakestonycreek Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Dennis. Since you requested the financial report as well, we sent all the items via USPS early last week. I’m assuming by your most recent request that you have not yet received the information. Please email me at by Friday if you still haven’t gotten the information. Thanks.

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Dennis Hahn

    Thank you for responding. It has been almost 3 weeks since my initial request was made for information from the Board and I still have NOT received any information via e-mail or USPS.It was my intent to read the minutes prior to the November Board Meeting.

    As per your request, I have sent a separate e-mail to your g-mail account, making this issue even more confusing and cumbersome.

    Certainly there must be an easier/better way to provide information to shareholders in a timely fashion. This current process is not only tedious but unsuccessful.

    If you sent the information via USPS early last week, I should have received it by now, so I have to assume it’s been lost in the mail.
    In the meantime, I am still requesting Board Meeting minutes for May, June, and July, 2013, a copy of the By-Laws, and a copy of the latest Financial Report from the Board.
    This is my FOURTH request. Thank you.

  14. Dennis Hahn

    Unfortunately the e-mail that I did receive from you today did NOT contain the minutes from May, June, or July, did NOT contain a copy of the By-Laws and did NOT contain a copy of the latest Financial Report from the Board, only a “ASAP” option for some unspecified time in the future, NOT what I expected. Shareholders deserve to receive requested information in a timely fashion. Its been almost 3 weeks since my original request.
    Since the Board deliberately voted to remove the minutes from the website, please copy the requested information and mail it to me.
    This is my FIFTH request.
    Thank you.

  15. Dennis Hahn

    I did receive a second e-mail, late this PM, and acknowledge receipt of the SVDC Corporate BY-Laws.
    Thank You.
    I am anxious to receive the latest Financial Statement from the Board and the Board Meeting minutes for May, June and July, 2013.
    I will wait no longer than Tuesday, November 19, 2013 to make my next request, unless I receive the requested information prior to that date.
    I will NOT count this as a request.

    Thank you again.

  16. Dennis Hahn

    I am now in receipt of the Board minutes for May, June and July, 2013, but still waiting for the latest Financial Report from the Board.
    This process has been a real labor of love, I think. Just like getting a tooth pulled.
    There must be an easier way to keep the shareholders informed about current matters, in a timely fashion.
    I would suggest a monthly report be posted to the website and better use of the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website.

  17. Dennis Hahn


    When the Board uses its authority to RESTRICT, rather than improve, the dissemination of information to the shareholders………….

    I am still waiting to receive a copy of the latest Financial Report, and have been informed that the Board has decided it will NO longer distribute minutes.

    Shareholders are entitled to know what our Board is discussing, deciding on and dealing with, WITHOUT BEING REQUIRED TO ATTEND A MEETING.


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