Required New Lot Owner Boating Orientation

NEW LOT OWNER BOATING ORIENTATION: Effective January 1, 2018, all new lot owners applying for their first powered boat stickers are REQUIRED to attend an on-water Lake Stonycreek Boating Orientation, meeting with representatives from the safety patrol prior to the stickers being issued. This trip around the lake is designed to give new lot owners insight into the unique safety considerations associated with boating on Lake Stonycreek, general information regarding boating safety and specific Lake Stonycreek rules and regulations. This shall be a requirement for ALL new lot owners prior to the first year power boat stickers being issued. This opportunity is open to ALL existing legacy lot owners as well.

The registered boat owner is required to ride along in the safety patrol boat for the orientation meeting. It is suggested that all new boaters who will be operating a powered boat on the lake attend this safety meeting. At the completion of the trip, the powered boat stickers due to the lot owner will be provided. All general requirements for obtaining a powered boat sticker MUST BE PROVIDED to the lake secretary prior to the on-water orientation.

New lot owners or existing lot owners requesting a date and time for the safety ride along may schedule by contacting the SVDC Secretary at

Lake Shore Road Closures

The township supervisors have informed us to expect delays and closures on Lake Shore Road tomorrow and Thursday between 615 Lake Shore Rd and 1200 Lake Shore Rd while they work on regrinding and re-grading the road in preparation for repaving. After Thursday, the road will be dirt for another 2 – 3 weeks then it will be cold paved. This schedule is dependent upon good weather of course. The paving is scheduled for August 15th. If any more information becomes available, it will be posted.

Reminder: Stickers on all vessels by June 1st


As per the 2017-2018 Season Information Packet that was mailed to all lot owners in April, “#7. Any boats or PWC (personal water craft) caught on the water without a current boat permit sticker will be issued an automatic $50 fine.  A second offense will result in the loss of boating privileges for the remainder of the year.”

Current year boat stickers must be on your boat/vessel no later than June 1st of each year.  This rule includes all vessels including non-powered paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards – any floating vessel on the lake.  A boat parked in a boat slip or tied up on the shoreline is considered to be in the water whether it is underway or not.

Our sticker system is important and must be adhered to so everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.

July 1st Fireworks Display

It sure doesn’t feel like summer today, but the hot weather is coming and before we know it, it will be July. So that you can plan ahead, the Indian Lake fireworks display will be on Saturday, July 1st with a rain date of Saturday, July 8th. Consider decorating your boat in red, white and blue for the weekend for all to enjoy!

Keep Hitchhikers Out of Our Lake

Moving your boat between waterways or launching on Lake Stonycreek after bringing your boat from a different waterway or buying a boat that was in different waters poses a great risk to our lake. There is a possibility of introducing invasive species of fish, shellfish, and seaweed into the lake. Please take the following precautions before launching a boat on Lake Stonycreek that has been on other waterways to prevent aquatic hitchhikers (some of which are microscopic) from entering our water and possibly wreaking havoc on our lake’s ecosystem:
1. Drain all water from boat – livewells, bilges, engine cooling.
2. Dry your boat and trailer at least 7 to 10 days.
3. Use a chlorine bleach solution to rinse the boat.
4. Pressure wash (can use a car wash) before launching on to
Lake Stonycreek.
5. Run fresh water through the engine.


Contact Numbers for Lake Boating Concerns

It was discussed at the shareholder meeting that safety on the lake is all of our responsibility.  Therefore, if you see dangerous behavior, unsafe boating practices, non stickered boats that may be non lot owners “borrowing” our lake for their enjoyment or any other concerns that you may have you may contact Dan “Dink” Dively at 814-483-6275 or Sean Daniels at 814-701-9005. Both Sean and Dan are able to pass information along to the lake patrol or handle some matters themselves, if needed.  Let’s keep our lake safe!

Reminder About Boat Lengths and Horsepower Allowed on Lake Stonycreek

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Boat lengths – On our lake, boats may not be longer than 20 feet, Pontoon boats cannot be longer than 25 feet.

Horsepower: jet-skis can have a maximum horsepower of 145, Outboard engines can have a max horsepower of 200 and Inboard/Outboard engines can have a max horsepower of 330.

All boats must have a muffled exhaust system.

If you are looking to purchase a boat, please follow these guidelines so that you may use your boat on Lake Stonycreek.