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The next SVDC Board Meeting is Thursday, October 15th, 6:00 p.m. at St. Mark Lutheran Church, Shanksville, PA. Lot owners are welcome. Social distancing will apply and masks must be worn. The meeting will also be live-streamed via Zoom. Please contact Board Staff Secretary, Lynette Fleegle,, for log in information.

Your Photos Needed!

The Lake Stonycreek website is in the process of being upgraded. To assist with personalizing the website to Lake Stonycreek, we are inviting lot owners to send NO MORE THAN 2  of your favorite Lake Stonycreek photos to The photos should be in jpeg (jpg) format and of at least medium resolution. Photos from all four seasons will be appreciated! Please note that by submitting photos to, you are giving your permission to the Lake Stonycreek SVDC and webmaster to publish the photo(s) on Lake Stonycreek affiliated web pages. Lake Stonycreek’s webmaster reserves the right to choose what photos are published and to edit the photos for optimum use on Lake Stonycreek affiliated web pages. Please do not send any copyrighted materials.  Thank you!

As a reminder, please use caution on both the township and private roads surrounding the lake as these roads are also used for walking and biking.  With the change in Township ordinances, we are seeing more ATV and Side by Sides traffic. These vehicles are frequently going much faster than passenger vehicles. Let’s all slow down and be safe and courteous to our neighbors. Please also pass this information along to your family members and visitors.

Please take a moment to review the newly updated boat classifications and Hp limits as defined by the SVDC on the Rules & Regulations page of the website.

****** MANDATORY NEW LOT OWNER BOATING ORIENTATION  contact the SVDC secretary for information and to schedule an orientation******

To date this boating season, there have been 3 near accidents that could have resulted in serious injury on our lake.

Accidents are very easy to avoid if every boat operator is paying full attention, following safe boating rules and leaving plenty of room if following a skier or tuber being pulled by a boat ahead. Keep in mind, skiers fall and tubers can be thrown from a tube. Make sure that you have plenty of room to slow/stop if someone falls into the water ahead of you.

suggestion for anyone who falls from skies or a tube, and a good thing to teach our young people, is to raise and cross your arms over your head so that you are more visible in the water. Otherwise, it is just a head showing above water which is difficult to see especially on a sunny day.

No one wants our lake to become a non-motorized vessels only lake because of an accident. We can all have fun and be safe at the same time if we pay attention and know the boating rules

For more information regarding the Lake Stonycreek Board of Directors, please click on the SVDC Board tab. Board meetings are held at 6:00 on the third Thursday of the month at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Shanksville.

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