Located in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Lake Stonycreek is your outlet for relaxation, boating, and fishing.

[UPDATE MAY 2020] Please take a moment to review the newly updated boat classifications and Hp limits as defined by the SVDC on the Rules & Regulations page of the website.

[UPDATE 2019] SVDC will hold a forum to discuss the changes to the Bylaws and safety patrol program on November 16, 2019 from 1-3 at St Mark Lutheran Church in Shanksville, PA. Prior to this meeting the draft of the proposed new Bylaws will be available on the SVDC website for review. All Lake Stonycreek lot owners are welcome and encouraged to attend. A DRAFT OF THE BYLAWS HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE BLOG. PLEASE NAVIGATE TO THE BLOG PAGE TO REVIEW THE DOCUMENT.

[Updated 2019] The SVDC Board of Directors has worked for over a year to try to get answers and to get help putting an end to the mud and silt coming into the lake from the fingers area. The Board is now asking for our help in this endeavor. It is felt that if our community makes phone calls en masse in the next week and files complaints, someone from one of the government agencies may finally listen and look further into what is going on and where the influx of mud and silt is coming from which turns the water brown after a rain.

When calling, some questions you could ask are: 1.) What is the source of the mud and silt coming into the lake from the fingers along Route 160? 2.) What is being done to mitigate and end the mud and silt laden water from entering Lake Stonycreek? 3.) Ask to file a formal complaint about the poor water quality and dirty water being discharged into the lake after it rains.

It is felt that one source of the muddy water is coming from the surface mining being done along Route 160 by Heritage Mining. The dirty water enters Boone Run which feeds into Lake Stonycreek. Another big source is The New Baltimore Sportsman Club. They clear cut their hillside 2 years ago for timber and there is considerable ongoing erosion on their property since the hillside was never stabilized after being clear cut. This mud filled water heads right down to the water that feeds into the lake.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for these issues. Please call DEP Erosion Control Officer Mr. Keith Largent at 814-289-4250 to file a complaint and ask questions. Keith Largent’s superior is Frank Calderone. Frank can be reached at 412-442-4318.

DEP Mining Complaints can be made to Dave Thomas at 814-472-1900 – or – Daniel Weaver at 814-472-1900.

You may also call the PA Fish Commission – Pat Ferko at 814-445-8974 to file a complaint about water quality with the PA Fish Commission.

Please take the time to make some phone calls and file a complaint so we can hopefully get an end to the silt entering our lake. The health of our lake needs you. Thanks!


****** MANDATORY NEW LOT OWNER BOATING ORIENTATION  contact the SVDC secretary for information and to schedule an orientation******

Sean Daniels 814-701-9005
Dan “Dink” Dively 814-483-6275
Use these numbers to report unsafe boating practices, especially dangerous behavior, or for any lake boating questions or concerns.

For more information regarding the Lake Stonycreek Board of Directors, please click on the SVDC Board tab. Board meetings are held at 6:00 on the third Thursday of the month at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Shanksville.

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