It’s time to prepare for the lake drawdown

As was discussed at the 2014 Shareholder meeting, in order to try to kill/reduce the lake weeds, the lake water level will be lowered for the winter to try to freeze out the weeds.  Indian Lake has had some success with reducing weeds by doing this in the past.

Lowering the lake also allows for shoreline work, dock and retaining wall repair, sediment removal and/or rip rap of the shoreline.  Now is the time to prepare for work to be done.  It is also the time to consider how to insulate your dock area for the winter.  You are advised to protect docks and seawalls not normally exposed to weather with hay bales or some sort of insulation as frost heave may put your construction at risk.

Repairs of existing docks do not need board approval as long as the dock is not changing or going out any further into the lake.  If you are building a new dock where there wasn’t one, if you are adding to an existing dock or changing your dock you do need board approval prior to any work being done.  A sketch and description can be given to any board member or sent via the CONTACT US page from the link on the header of this website.

There is no date when the lake water level will be raised in the spring.  This will depend on the ice on the lake and how quickly it melts in the spring.  The approximate date to begin raising the water level will be announced when it is determined in the spring.

A reminder that no fishing will be allowed on the lake while it is lowered.  This includes ice fishing this winter.