Weed Cutters

After many torturous and inexcusable manufacturing delays, our new weed cutters and conveyor are finally complete. Of course it’s too late to have any impact this year and that’s unfortunate and has been increasingly frustrating. The Board ( a group of elected volunteers who work for the good of the lake) is negotiating a free extended warranty as compensation for the many delays. We have high hopes that the drawdown and anticipated freeze out will have a significant impact on the weeds which will give us a head start going into the 2015 summer season. We’ll attack the weeds next year with an increased cutting capacity managed by a local gentleman who will hire, train and supervise a cutting crew. We appreciate your patience as we work to get back on top of our weed situation.

Also, as discussed at the last Shareholders’ meeting in May, we are still exploring how we can get the lake dredged back to its original depth. We hope to have a dredging plan to present at the 2015 Shareholders’ meeting.

Well wishes to all as we settle into a colorful fall and characteristically cold, but hopefully uneventful, PA winter.