Dam Valve Information

Currently there is a problem with the new upstream valve. It was noticed that the drawdown was not being maintained over time. Dan Dively worked with Marion Hill (the general contractor) and their sub contractors to troubleshoot the problem. He also worked with the valve supplier by phone for several hours, making adjustments. When this failed to solve the problem, Dan and another member of the Stonycreek Volunteer Fire Dept. investigated the upstream intake valve further and discovered that the valve was partially open.

Marion Hill has been notified again. Representatives will be out to correct the problem, but the valve cannot be under water for them to work on it. The lake will be lowered a little to expose the valve so that the work can be performed. At this time we do not have an exact date when the repairs will take place, but will keep you informed as we move forward. Hopefully the next report will be that the repairs have been completed and all is well.