Lake level vs. Mother Nature

As you may know, the lake has refilled prematurely. Unfortunately, nature has gotten a leg up on us.

Currently, the valve is wide open and the lake level hasn’t budged. Indian Lake is also overfilled so water is coming over their spillway into our lake faster than the open valve can let the water out. We also have another 22 acres of streams and creeks around the lake feeding into it. Water is running over our spillway as well.

We believe that once Indian Lake recedes to normal level and stops flowing over the spillway it will take about 10 days to lower the lake down again.

We understand that many people still have lakefront work to do and are concerned about making sure it gets completed. As well, there are those who want the lake to be filled as soon as possible so on the first warm day they can go for the first boat ride of the season. With both of these things in mind, the Board has set April 30th as the date to close the valve and let the lake refill for the season.

All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate with our plan. Be assured that the lake and valve are being closely monitored. Once the valve is closed, if all goes according to plan, the lake should be at normal level within two weeks

Keep your fingers crossed!!