New Secretary and New Board Members

The SVDC Board of Directors would like to welcome Geoff Leah and Nick Tweardy to the Board.  Both gentlemen came to us and expressed an interest in filling the current Board vacancies.

Geoff and his family have property on Lake Shore Road that they plan to build a home on in the near future.  NIck and his family are new homeowners on Lake Shore Road, but are not new to the lake and the area.

A big thank you to both of you for stepping up and becoming an active part of the lake community!

Our new Board secretary is Lynette Fleegle.  Please be patient with Lynette as she figures things out and gets up to speed.  There are a lot of us and only one of her.  Lynette and her husband Toe are well known in our area so that will be helpful to her as she will recognize names and be familiar with where some of us live.  One of her first big projects will be the lake maintenance fee mailings along with the distribution of boat stickers.  Once she gets through that, the rest will seem easy to her.