Trenching For Sewer to Begin, Expect a Mess

The trenching for the sewer system should begin on Causeway Drive on the Shanksville side about the second week in April with Lake Shore Road to follow. You can expect a mess in your yard as the work is done. There will be pipes on your property, ruts from the machinery, dirt everywhere.

Before the contractors begin work on each property, numerous photos will be taken as well as a video of the property. This is to document what your yard, driveway, etc. look like prior to any work being begun. The contractors will use the pictures to make sure they are returning your property back to the condition it was found prior to the trenching work.

This may take some time. Be patient and your yard will be restored/repaired as soon as possible. It’s part of the process and will probably be a nuisance, but a cleaner lake for all of us is the ultimate outcome.