October 15th Lake Drawdown

Are you preparing for the October 15th lake drawdown?  Boats should be pulled from the lake or put on a lift. 
This is the time to schedule any lakefront repairs (From the SVDC Rules and Regulations – “All dock and boat house owners on the perimeter of the lake are required to maintain the shoreline in a non-erosive condition and docks, boat houses and boat lifts in safe repair and securely fastened.”
Prepare and protect your dock and seawall for the winter freeze/thaw.  Hay bales will help insulate them.  Insulated tarps and concrete curing blankets are also good protection.
Any dock construction plans must be approved by the Board (From the SVDC Rules and Regulations -“All building plans must be approved by the Board of Directors. Plans for all structures, including boat docks, shall be submitted to the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation for approval and shall show the following: I. Location of the building on the property and distance from property lines and lake.
ii. Location of access roads in relation to property.
iii. Plans may be in sketch form and after review by the Corporation the applicant will be advised of approval or disapproval.”
If you are aware of any problematic tree stumps on the lake bottom, please identify their location as best as you can and let the Board know of the location by emailing palakestonycreek@gamail.com.  Every effort will be made during the drawdown to remove tree stumps from the lake bottom.