Drawdown Update

Greetings!  The drawdown is generating some healthy dialogue within our lake community.  Thank you for that!

Some are concerned about the rate of the drawdown.  Agreed that the rate was faster than 2014.  The difference was we had no rain during the 2016 drawdown like we had in 2014 thus leading to a faster drawdown in 2016.

The 2016 drawdown is at 60″ and within 6″ of the 2014 drawdown.  Hence, no discernible difference.

We share your concern regarding the health of the fish population.  All things being equal, drawdown rate notwithstanding, the fish population should be safe.  While not scientific, anecdotal evidence from fisherman in 2015 was that the 2104 drawdown had no effect on the fish population.  In fact, the prevailing opinion was that the 2015 fishing season was “better than ever”.

The valve is now closed to a opening that we judge to be roughly equal to the inflow.  Its not an exact science, and we will monitor and modify the valve opening relative to inflow especially given the expected heavy rainfall forecasted.

Thank you all for you input and cooperation as we exercise one of the weapons in our weed control arsenal and balance that with other concerns such as the health of our fish population.

We welcome your input and willingness to work with us on better ways to balance sometimes competing objectives.

Thank you.
The SVDC Board