Another Installment of The SVDC Rules and Regulations


  1. Building permits must be secured from Stonycreek Township.
  2. All building plans must be approved by the Board of Directors. Plans for all structures, including boat docks, shall be submitted to the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation for approval and shall show the following:
    1. Location of the building on the property and distance from property lines and lake.
    2. Location of access roads in relation to property.
    3. Plans may be in sketch form and after review by the Corporation the applicant will be advised of approval or disapproval.
  3. Building Requirements
    1. Only one dwelling may be built on each lot. The footprint of such dwelling must be eight hundred (800) square feet or larger.
    2. The dwelling or any other structure must be on the back two-thirds of the lot opposite from the lake front.
    3. Any structural changes to boat docks must be submitted for approval.
    4. Boat docks constructed at the water’s edge shall have all sides open and extend no farther than twenty (20) feet into the lake from the shore line.
    5. A second building, not to be used as a dwelling, may be constructed for the purpose of a garage, boat storage, tool storage, etc.