More on Building Codes from SVDC Rules & Regulations

Here is where we left off on Building Codes in the SVDC Rules & Regulations… There are several more parts to the Building Code coming soon.

Other Structures

  1. A travel trailer, camper, truck camper or motor home with current registration and proper sanitation provisions may be placed on a lot on a temporary basis, not to exceed fourteen (14) days consecutively or fifty-six (56) days total on an annual basis.
  2. Tents may be used on a temporary basis, but shall not be permitted for longer than seven (7) days consecutively or twenty-eight (28) days annually. Proper sanitation provisions must be maintained.
  3. Motor homes, campers etc. with current state license may be permitted to be parked in a lot owner’s driveway provided the motor home is not occupied in excess of the occupancy conditions set forth in these Rules and Regulations.
  4. The Board of Directors will consider exemptions to the rules governing campers and trailers when a permanent dwelling building plan has been submitted and approved by the Board. Once approved, the Board will allow a trailer/camper for a defined and agreed upon amount of time while the dwelling is being constructed. (Adopted April 2015)