The SVDC Rules & Regulations on Boats

Boat Limits

  1. Except for pontoon boats, boats may not exceed twenty (20) feet in length.
  2. Pontoon boats may not exceed twenty-five (25) feet in length.
  3. No boat, regardless of length, shall be used or operated unless the mode of power is manual, paddle, sail, water-jet powered, outboard, inboard – outboard stern powered drive motor or inboard.
  4. Under no circumstances will any boat be permitted in excess of the of the following horsepower:
    1. Jet-ski’s/Wave Runners – maximum horsepower permitted shall be 145.
    2. Outboard Engine – maximum horsepower permitted shall be 200.
    3. Inboard and inboard-outboard Engine – maximum horsepower permitted shall be 330.
  5. All power boats must have a muffled exhaust system.
  6. Boats with a “head” or “toilet” on board, houseboats, airboats, small “skipper” operated boats, “cycle” or “mosquito” outboard boats are prohibited and shall not be placed, operated or used in or upon the waters of Lake Stonycreek.
  7. All allowable power boats must be equipped and operated within the limits indicated on the BIA Capacity Plate affixed to the motor or boat.