Boat Permits

This is the next section of the SVDC Rules and Regulations pertaining to boats.

Boat permits

  1. No person shall operate or use any boat on the waters of Lake Stonycreek without first obtaining a permit from the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation.
  2. Boat permits shall be issued only to Corporation-recognized property owners and members of their immediate family, defined as parents, siblings, children or grandchildren.
  3. For lake properties not owned by individuals (such as properties owned by Family Trusts or other legal entities) all beneficiaries of the Trusts or owners of the entities are eligible to obtain boat permits. Evidence of one’s status with regard to the property must be presented when ordering permits.
  4. Boat permits will not be issued if the property owner(s) are not current with all past and current assessments and fines levied by the Corporation. Original landowners who have signed an agreement with the Corporation evidencing that they are exempt from certain assessments will be eligible to obtain boat permits as long as they are current with any other obligations to the Corporation.
  5. Boat permits are not transferable from one boat to another. However, if a boat is replaced with another boat during any year, upon presentation of evidence of the disposal of a boat with a permit and the registration and proper insurance on a replacement boat, a new permit will be issued for the replacement boat for the remainder of the current year at no charge.
  6. Boat permits shall be valid for a term of one year, and all permits shall expire on the same date, May 31 as established by the Corporation’s Board of Directors.
  7. All boats, regardless of type are required to have a current Lake Stonycreek sticker.
  8. Under no circumstance shall more than two (2) permitted power boats or personal watercraft be operated on the lake at one time from any single lot regardless of the number of permitted boats or personal watercraft registered.
  9. Lake Stonycreek boat permit stickers shall be placed on the right side of the boat (the driver’s side), next to the PA Registration numbers and sticker. All boats that require PA Registration numbers and stickers must display current registration stickers.
  10. An application for permits will be sent with the annual lot maintenance fee billing.
    1. A copy of your current state registration card for each boat for which a registration is required, must accompany your applications.
    2. A copy of your current insurance coverage certificate for each power boat must also accompany your application. Your insurance policy must name Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation as a certificate holder, with no less than a $300,000.00 combined single limit of insurance for all power boats.
    3. All boat permit holders agree to hold Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation harmless from any and all liability arising out of the operation of permitted boats and personal watercraft on the waters of Lake Stonycreek.
      1. Fee (per lot) for first boat or PWC (Personal Water Craft) if over 10 horsepower – $100.00
      2. Fee (per lot) for each additional boat or PWC if over 10 Horsepower – $150.00
      3. Fee for all boats or PWC with less than 10 horsepower, including paddle boats, canoes, rowboats, sailboats, kayaks, sailboards and catamarans – $5.00 each
      4. There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. (Adopted September 15, 2011)