Rules for Operation of Boats

Rules for Operation of Boats

  1. The Corporation has a boat launching area for the lot owners of Lake Stonycreek. The boat launch area is located on Breastview Drive on the North end of the dam (which is on the right side of the dam if you are facing it from the lake). The area is visibly marked with NO TRESPASSING signs, to limit illegal use. The boat launch is also the access to the dam in case of an emergency, so no vehicles or trailers can be parked or left unattended in this area or on the roadway to the launch. Right-of-ways are for launching of boats, docking boats and swimming for those lot owners who own back lots. There is no camping or buildings allowed on right -of-ways.
  2. All PA and Federal fishing and boating regulations, including the requirements for the issuance of PA boating licenses, shall be complied with and observed.
    1. You may review these regulations on the PA Fish and Boat Commission website at
    2. You can get information by stopping in, calling or faxing the Local office at:
      • Address
        236 Lake Road
        Somerset, PA 15501
      • Law Enforcement
        Phone: 814-445-8974
        Fax: 814-445-3497
      • Outreach & Education
        Phone: 814-443-9841
        Fax: 814-445-3497
    3. You can email the local office at:
    4. You should also receive a booklet containing some of the information with your boat registration. Review the requirements for boat and PWC operators.