Here is the last section on boats and boating from Rules & Regs

Without in any way limiting the foregoing, the following rules for our lake are specifically set forth:

  1. No more than two power boats per lot may be operating on the lake at any time, regardless of the number of power boats have permits related to a lot.
  2. All warnings, directions and orders of the duly appointed lake patrol officers having jurisdiction shall be obeyed, and operation of boats shall be in compliance with our established “rules-of-the-road”, which are:
    1. A right side of the lake, or counter-clockwise, traffic pattern shall be maintained at all times. All traffic shall keep to the right side of the lake and make all turns to the left when reversing direction.
    2. All operators must be in the proper position when behind the wheel of the boat and all occupants must be in a safe position when the boat is in operation.
    3. Only PWC craft with three (3) or more seats may pull any person.
    4. When pulling water skiers or other riders on various apparatus from shore, they shall be pulled in a direction which will enable the boat to enter the counter-clockwise traffic pattern.
    5. Boats or 3-person PWC pulling water skiers or other apparatus shall have at least two qualified boat operators on board, a pilot and a competent observer. Tow ropes shall not exceed 100 feet for barefoot skiing, and shall not be left trailing when not being used.
    6. Operators of PWC (regardless of age) are required to have completed a PA boating safety course and have in their possession the certificate identification card.
    7. It is illegal to tow skiers or other apparatus behind two person PWC under PA Fish and Boat Commission Regulations.
    8. PWC will be closely monitored due to the increasing number of them on the lake. Use of PWC may be restricted on Saturdays and Sundays and Holidays, at the discretion of the Lake Patrol Officers or their designate.
    9. All boats must carry a Coast Guard approved life preserver for each occupant, plus at least one throwable rescue device. All water skiers must wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver.
    10. All water craft operated after sunset must have lighting in accordance with the PA Boating Handbook which can be found on the PA Fish and Boat Commission website.
    11. No water skiing or other towed apparatus are permitted before sunrise or after sunset.
    12. The entire area between the bridge over the lake and the breast of Indian Lake shall be considered a NO WAKE ZONE. Absolutely no skiing or tubing is permitted in this zone. Jumping or diving off of the bridge is prohibited.
    13. Boating privileges may be revoked by the lake patrol officer of the day, and may be revoked for extended periods by the board of Directors for repeated and/or serious offenses.