Keep Hitchhikers Out of Our Lake

Moving your boat between waterways or launching on Lake Stonycreek after bringing your boat from a different waterway or buying a boat that was in different waters poses a great risk to our lake. There is a possibility of introducing invasive species of fish, shellfish, and seaweed into the lake. Please take the following precautions before launching a boat on Lake Stonycreek that has been on other waterways to prevent aquatic hitchhikers (some of which are microscopic) from entering our water and possibly wreaking havoc on our lake’s ecosystem:
1. Drain all water from boat – livewells, bilges, engine cooling.
2. Dry your boat and trailer at least 7 to 10 days.
3. Use a chlorine bleach solution to rinse the boat.
4. Pressure wash (can use a car wash) before launching on to
Lake Stonycreek.
5. Run fresh water through the engine.