2018/2019 Boating Regulation Changes

The following changes to the Rules and Regulations are taking affect for the 2018/2019 boating season and will be enforced.

After March 31st of any year, any boats or personal water craft (powered or non-powered) traveling on the water or in the water including tied to a dock/shoreline, without a current boat sticker will be issued an automatic $50.00 citation.  A second offense will result in the loss of boating privileges for the remainder of the year. (Amended June 2017)

Boats may not be operated on Lake Stonycreek with additional ballast or a mechanical means to create a larger wake.  This includes factory and aftermarket bags, tanks and or other means of adding weight to increase wake size.  This regulation does not restrict any type of wake sport as long as the standard boat wake size is not enhanced. (Adopted July 2017)

Boat permit fees are changing to include the distinction of gas powered boats and non gas powered boats.  Therefore the fees for a  Primary Gas Powered Boat (pontoon boats, speed boats, jet skies, and boats with gas powered trolling motors) – $100.00
Secondary Gas Powered Boat (pontoon boats, speed boats, jet skies, and boats with gas powered trolling motors) – $150.00
Non Gas Powered Boats including: rowboats, kayaks, canoes, sailboats, sail boards, catamarans, paddle boats, paddle boards, etc. are – $5.00 each

Lastly, as of January 2018, all new lot owners applying for their first powered boat stickers are required to attend an on-water Lake Stonycreek Boating Orientation, meeting with representatives from the safety patrol prior to stickers being issued.  The registered boat owner is required to ride along in the safety patrol boat for the orientation meeting.  It is suggested that all new boaters who will be operating a powered boat on the lake attend this safety meeting.  At the completion of the trip, the powered boat stickers will be issued to the lot owners provided that all requirements for obtaining a powered boat sticker have been given to the lake secretary prior to the on-water orientation.  To schedule a safety ride along, contact the SVDC Secretary at lynettefleegle@gmail.com