Required New Lot Owner Boating Orientation

NEW LOT OWNER BOATING ORIENTATION: Effective January 1, 2018, all new lot owners applying for their first powered boat stickers are REQUIRED to attend an on-water Lake Stonycreek Boating Orientation, meeting with representatives from the safety patrol prior to the stickers being issued. This trip around the lake is designed to give new lot owners insight into the unique safety considerations associated with boating on Lake Stonycreek, general information regarding boating safety and specific Lake Stonycreek rules and regulations. This shall be a requirement for ALL new lot owners prior to the first year power boat stickers being issued. This opportunity is open to ALL existing legacy lot owners as well.

The registered boat owner is required to ride along in the safety patrol boat for the orientation meeting. It is suggested that all new boaters who will be operating a powered boat on the lake attend this safety meeting. At the completion of the trip, the powered boat stickers due to the lot owner will be provided. All general requirements for obtaining a powered boat sticker MUST BE PROVIDED to the lake secretary prior to the on-water orientation.

New lot owners or existing lot owners requesting a date and time for the safety ride along may schedule by contacting the SVDC Secretary at