Lake Stonycreek’s 60th Anniversay Year

This year is the 60th Anniversary of our lake. Everyone seemed to really enjoy seeing the ski picture from 1969. We would like to begin to gather photos and stories to begin to document Lake Stonycreek’s history. We have a bit of written information on how the lake was imagined, how the initial corporation was formed, but nothing of the real heart of the lake – the families, the stories, the pictures through the years. We would like to write down the stories, make copies of the photos. As the years pass, more and more of our history gets forgotten and possibly pictures discarded. We are not sure the best way to accomplish this yet, but we think it is an important project to begin. If you have ideas, pictures to share, stories that you could tell us please let us know and as spring turns (finally) into summer we can create a plan on how to begin to accomplish documenting the lake history. We are excited to begin!