Shareholder meeting and proxy vote information

Shareholders should have received the Notice of Annual Shareholder Meeting in the mail. The meeting will be held Friday, May 24th at 7pm at St. Mark’s Church in Shanksville.

If you are going to attend the meeting please bring all of the paperwork you received with you to the meeting.

If you are unable to attend, please return the following in the PINK ENVELOPE:
Enclosure A (Bill Blackburn, Sr. motion)
Enclosure B (Brad Meneilly motion)
Enclosure C (Election of Board of Directors)

Choose eleven of the names on the Election Enclosure for positions on the 2019/2020 SVDC Board of Directors. If you have any questions on any nominees, please contact any current board member. Their contact information can be found on the website at Click on the SVDC Board tab. As well, mark your vote on Enclosure A and B underneath the +++++++++++ line.

Be sure to have this mailed in the PINK ENVELOPE in plenty of time for it to be received by SVDC on or before May 23rd. The pink envelopes will not be opened until the meeting. We hope to see everyone there.

If you did not receive this mailing, and should have, please contact Lynette, the SVDC Secretary, who’s contact information can be found on the website under the SVDC Board tab as well.