Annual Meeting Results

The following are the results of the motions that came before the lot owners at the Annual Lot Owner Meeting as well as the results of the election to the Board of Directors.

A big thank you to all who were willing to run for a position to the board. It was really great to have such a large slate of nominees this year.
Report of Judges of Election – Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation
Shareholder’s Meeting, May 24, 2019
1) Blackburn’s motion of Enclosure A.
Voted by shares.
4878 shares were voted of a total of 7897 outstanding shares, or 61.77%.
“YES” – 3404 shares, or 70% of shares voted.
“NO” – 1474 shares, or 30% of shares voted.
Blackburn’s motion passes. Therefore other votes will be by lots, not by shares.

2) Meneilly’s motion of Enclosure B.
Voted by lots.
128 ballots were cast.
“YES” – 109 ballots, or 85% of ballots cast.
“NO” – 19 ballots, or 15% of ballots cast.
Meneilly’s motion passes, so a “Special Shareholders Committee” will be formed to undertake a comprehensive review of the SVDC’s current bylaws, etc.
3) Election of Board of Directors.
Voted by lots, with each lot allowed to cast a vote for up to 11 candidates.
113 ballots were cast out of a possible 263 lots, or 43%.

Elected to the Board are the top 11 vote-getters:
Nominee Number of votes
Rosage 90
Blackburn 85
Rogish 82
Meneilly 80
St. Clair 79
Hershberger 78
Younkin 73
Flamm 66
Dively 64
Glessner 60
Weir 56

Other results:
Nominee Number of votes
Sheller 50
Fisher 50
Keyser-Coughenour 49
Jenkins 43
Warshel 39
Smith 37
Neel 35
Keyser 19
Mishko 17
K. Lazarowicz 14
D. Lazarowicz 10
Glotfelty 4
A personal note of apology from Rolf deVries, the chair of the election judges. I could have released the results a day earlier if I hadn’t messed up. When we finished counting votes on Saturday morning, we had a few questions of fact that I emailed to the board secretary as I was hurrying out the door to visit my son and his family near Annapolis, MD. I got the answers soon enough, but in my haste forgot to bring with me the ballots I needed to finalize the count so that our report could be accurate. I wrote this report when I returned home and was able to look at the ballots and finalize the count. I apologize for any inconvenience or stress caused by my mistake.