(DRAFT) SVDC Bylaws for consideration at the November 16th workshop

As promised, a subcommittee of board and non-board members  have worked very hard over the last few months on a rewrite of our bylaws.  The rewrite accomplishes several goals chief of which are…..

  • It completes the work begun in 2005 when SVDC converted from a profit based corporation to a non-profit, community based organization.
  • You’ll see that we are now properly refocused as a lot-owner centric organization rather than a share based organization.
  • There are new bylaws that speak to code of conduct, conflict of interest and how to properly manage.
  • You’ll see bylaws that introduce term limits and changes to the election process.

Please give it a good read and join us if you can at a town hall meeting scheduled for Saturday, 11/16, 1pm at St Marks church in Shanksville where we invite your feedback as a step towards the final edition and ultimately adoption.

Thank you,

SVDC Board of Directors