Dam Valve Repair – October 2018

For those of you who don’t know, here’s the situation…

  • The downstream valve needs to be repaired, as it did last year, due to an issue with the brass collar.
  • The valve can still be jacked open or closed…..not ideal but possible with some effort.
  • The part has been ordered and, if all goes as planned, the valve will be reassembled and functional by Wednesday.
  • We’ll go back to regulating valve opening relative to target depth once the repair has been completed.

Thank you and we will update you as things develop.

The Board


Guest Guidelines for SVDC Board Meetings

Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings, but in the interest of time, the board requires that any guest who wants to discuss an item at the monthly meeting make a board member aware of the topic in advance by email. The topic will then be added to the meeting agenda. The guest will have five minutes to talk to their point with a five minute discussion to follow. If additional discussion is required, arrangements will be made by the board to continue the discussion at a later time.

The board also asks that guests not participate in board business unless invited by the chair of the meeting.

The board member contact information is available at palakestonycreek.com.

Lake Stonycreek 6th Annual Kids Fishing Derby

Join the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC) for the 6th Annual Lake Stonycreek Kids Fishing Derby on Saturday, September 1, 2018. The event is free and open to children and guests (ages 3-14) of Lake Stonycreek lot ownersFor more information regarding prizes, times, rules, and regulations, please view the following link 6th ANNUAL LAKE STONYCREEK KIDS FISHING DERBY SATURDAY or contact the SVDC.

**If you wish to make a donation to be used for prizes, please click the link above for contact information, (6th Annual Lake Stonycreek Kids Fishing Derby Saturday). Any amount accepted!

Fireworks, June 30, 2018!

Just a reminder that 4th of July fireworks will be this Saturday at Indian Lake Borough. If your are out on the water to watch the fireworks, all lights on your power boat must be operational. Non-powered craft must have an operational light source as well. Please operate at no-wake speed when going to and returning from your viewing location. Enjoy your Independence Day weekend!

Boating restrictions lifted

Volunteers from our community have completed a sweep of the lake looking for and removing floating and submerged debris. The no-wake restrictions have been lifted, however, we would like all to boat with caution this weekend. There may be additional items that have moved or shifted and could cause unsafe boating conditions.

If anyone finds additional debris, please notify the Safety Patrol or a board member.

Enjoy your holiday and please boat with caution.

2018 SVDC BOD Results

The results of the election of the SVDC Board of Directors are as indicated below. Those ranked 1 thru 11 comprise the Board for the coming year. We’d like to thank all for their participation in this year’s election.

  1. Derrick St. Clair        3711
  2. Jack Hershberger     3608
  3. Bill Blackburn           3217
  4. Dan Dively                 3013
  5. Geoff Leah                 2647
  6. Larry Rosage             2611
  7. John Weir                  2523
  8. Jim Bandstra             2475
  9. Marcia Rogish           2449
  10. Dale Laughlin           2408
  11. Jessie Younkin          2355
  12. Mike Jenkins              2156
  13. Brad McNeilly            1765


Please be aware that due to the flash flooding the lake has risen 3-4 feet.
There is debris in the lake as a result of the water level.

Boating restrictions are in place. No boating above “No Wake” speed through the weekend.

There are boats and other items that have sunk and will pose a danger to other boats.

If safely possible, please ensure that all items are secured to prevent further damage, property loss, and more debris in the lake.