Bylaw Revision 2020 (Updated 2.27.2020)

Friends and neighbors, recall from our May 2019 lot owners meeting that Brad Meneilly volunteered to form a committee of board and non-board members to rewrite our Bylaws.  The rewrite was driven chiefly by the conversion from share based to lot based decision making — a more equitable and overdue conversion.  Other needed changes were made as well.  Brad and company are to be commended for all their hard work fusing the input of many into one concise and well formatted document.  When you see Brad, Lynn Blalock, Dan Dively, Jim Bandstra, Paula Keyser, Derrick St.Clair or Jessie Younkin, please thank them for their volunteer service above and beyond.

So what happens next?  The first draft was reviewed at a November 2019 meeting where several lot owners recommended changes.  Some of those changes were adopted and incorporated into a second draft discussed at a January 2020 meeting where one additional change was recommended and adopted.  You have before you the final draft that will be presented for ratification by the lot owners at a special meeting to be called in April with details to follow.  Absentee balloting will be available for those unable to attend. 

Once again, thanks to all to for their contributions and especially Brad for his leadership towards this milestone event in our community.  

See you on the lake!

Larry Rosage
President, SVDC