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Tree Cutting May Begin on Monday, March 14th

After speaking with the construction foreman for the sewer project this afternoon, the only further information that I have to pass along is that the foreman’s “best guess” is that trenching will start on the Causeway Dr. side of the lake behind the school and will come around the lake from there.  Then, about the second week of April, the trenching will begin on Lake Shore Rd at Stable Lane and continue toward Corner Stone Rd. 
Trees will be cut in the same pattern.  I found out from someone else that the tree cutting may begin on Monday.
We have tried very hard to get as much information as possible and will continue to do so, but I do not believe much will be forthcoming.

Sewer Project Foreman Seeking Resident Contact Information

I’ve been told that the foreman of the sewer project is trying to get resident contact information so that he can notify property owners with information, I believe, about when trees will be coming down.

If you would like to be contacted, and I cannot guarantee that this will actually happen, please send a message on the “Contact Us” page with your name, property address, and phone number so that we can get that information to this person as soon as possible.

As soon as there is any new information, since there is supposed to be more specifics following last night’s pre-construction meeting, I will get that right out.

Sewer Project and Tree Removal

Anyone who has trees that are to be removed for the upcoming sewer project, the Board has been told that the trees will be removed sometime between March 11 and March 31st.  All trees to be removed must be taken down prior to the migrating bats return to the area with March 31st being the last date for tree removal.

It is our understanding that the trees will be dropped, and left to lay, and then will be removed once all trees around the lake have been dropped. During the interim, once trees have been dropped, individual lot owners may take advantage of harvesting the wood for their own use in fireplaces/fire pits or may offer the wood to friends or neighbors to cut up and take prior to the contractor returning to clean them up.

When we have further information, we will be passing it along via the lake web page and the Facebook page.

New Secretary and New Board Members

The SVDC Board of Directors would like to welcome Geoff Leah and Nick Tweardy to the Board.  Both gentlemen came to us and expressed an interest in filling the current Board vacancies.

Geoff and his family have property on Lake Shore Road that they plan to build a home on in the near future.  NIck and his family are new homeowners on Lake Shore Road, but are not new to the lake and the area.

A big thank you to both of you for stepping up and becoming an active part of the lake community!

Our new Board secretary is Lynette Fleegle.  Please be patient with Lynette as she figures things out and gets up to speed.  There are a lot of us and only one of her.  Lynette and her husband Toe are well known in our area so that will be helpful to her as she will recognize names and be familiar with where some of us live.  One of her first big projects will be the lake maintenance fee mailings along with the distribution of boat stickers.  Once she gets through that, the rest will seem easy to her.

Help Wanted – Part-time Secretary for the lake Board

The SVCD Board of Directors is seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant/Secretary.

Applicant must attend one Board meeting per month and the annual meeting to record meeting minutes.  Other duties include light typing, payroll and bookkeeping.  The Secretary monitors the SVCD P.O. Box, receiving and sending out correspondence to include annual lake fees and assignment of boating stickers.  Must communicate with Board members by email, send out approved meeting minutes to lot owners, generate the monthly meeting agenda and make phone calls as necessary.  Knowledge of Quick Books a plus.  Salary $15.00 per hour.

Email your resume for consideration to

Well Deserved Thank yous

Recently, two long time Board members have had to retire from the lake board due to health issues.  They are Dr. Jan DeVries and Clarence Caldwell.

Clarence has served on the Board for over 5 years.  Dr. DeVries has been a member of the Board for as long as everyone can remember.  These two will be sorely missed.

A big thank you to both “Doc” and Clarence for their years of dedicated service – a labor of love for both of them.

So, there are two available slots on the Board currently if you are interested in being an active participant in the decision making process for the lake.  The Board meets for two hours on the third Thursday of the month at St. Mark’s in Shanksville.  If no one steps forward to serve on the Board now, these two slots will be available to be filled at the annual Shareholders meeting on May 27, 2016.  Please feel free to come to the next scheduled Board meeting on January 21st at 6:00 at St. Mark’s in Shanksville to sit in and see what we are all about.

Again, thank you Doc and Clarence for your wonderful work over the years.

Break-ins Occurring in Our Community

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s been reported that there have been several recent break-ins in cabins around the lake.

Please be aware of this and make sure that your place is locked up tight.  As well we should all keep an eye out for suspicious people or vehicles in neighboring properties.  Since the summer season is over, I’m sure it is known that many homes are vacant for longer stretches of time so these thieves are opportunists who are preying on easy targets.

Let’s hope this activity does not continue and let’s all keep our eyes open for things that just don’t seem right in our community.

Results of the 3rd Annual Kids Fishing Derby

Ethan Volek 3-5 yr copyMason Wier 6-8 yr copyAbby Hershberger 9-10 yr copyBreanna Brunell 11-14 yr copyLuke Herald - Lunker copyHere are the results of the 3rd Annual Kids Fishing Derby.

There were 21 participants this year. In the 3 -5 year old category the winner was Ethan Volek with 19 fish. In the 6 – 8 year olds the winner was Mason Wier with 31 fish. In the 9 – 10 year olds the winner was Abby Hershberger with 28 fish. In the 11 – 14 year olds the winner was Breanna Brunell with 7 fish, The Lunker award went to Luke Herald for catching a 141/2″ catfish.

Thank you to the generous sponsors: PSI Investment Services; Stahl’s Jewelry; CME Engineering LP; Beer, Ream & Co, P.C.; Clinical Equipment services; 1st Summit Bank; Musser Engineering; Somerset Trust Co.; Tammy & Stoney Rice; Maust Excavating

The 4th Annual Kids Fishing Derby will be held Saturday, September 3, 2016 so mark your calendars now!