Hunting Waterfowl or Trapping on Lake Stonycreek

Hunting waterfowl or trapping on Lake Stonycreek shall be allowed only for Lake Stonycreek property owners, with a permit issued by the SVDC board of directors. Hunting waterfowl or trapping is only permitted in the waters and land owned and controlled by SVDC in and around the “Fingers” area of the lake. It is the responsibility of the permitted property owner to know the property boundaries.
If access to SVDC waters and property is through adjacent private property, the permit holder must obtain permission from those property owners.
A permit form is available as a link on the SVDC website. The permit must be completed by a lot owner and signed by an executive of the board. Guests are allowed while being accompanied by the permitted lot owner.
All PA Game Commission and Federal Migratory Game Bird Rules and Regulations must be followed by all permitted Lake Stonycreek property owners and their guests.
Trespassing on SVDC property and waters shall be enforced by the SVDC board of directors and State Police. All game law violations shall be enforced by the Pennsylvania Game commission.
This permission may be revoked by the SVDC board of directors, at their discretion, at any time, with due cause.