Lake Draw Down Schedule – UPDATE 3/21/2019

 Update 3/21/2019 – The valve will remain open until April 1, 2019. 

(OLD) The valve was scheduled to be closed on or about 3/15. Due to temperature fluctuations, the lake level has not remained low throughout the winter, and you may not have been able to complete your planned projects. Consequently, we will postpone valve closure until 3/22. If you cannot complete your project by 3/22, you must contact SVDC and ask for an extension. If we get extension requests, we will postpone the valve closure until 4/1, but under no circumstances will we extend beyond April 1st for the benefit of our aquatic life and those who wish to begin enjoying life on the lake for the season. Conversely, if there are no extension requests, the valve will be closed on 3/22/ Thank you. – SVDC