Boating stickers needed for paddle boats, kayaks…

A reminder to all lot owners:  All boats used or operated on Lake Stonycreek must have a current boating sticker issued by the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation.  From the SVDC Rules & Regulations – “Fee for all boats or PWC with less than 10 horsepower, including paddle boats, canoes, rowboats, sailboats, kayaks, sailboards and catamarans – $5.00 each”
If you use any paddle boat, canoe, rowboat, sailboat, kayak, sailboard or catamaran and are in need of a boat sticker, please contact the SVDC Secretary at 814-442-4456 to arrange to get your sticker. 

Fireworks and patriotic boats

The Fourth of July fireworks will be held on Saturday, July 2nd with a rain date of July 9th. Let’s hope we don’t need that rain date!!

We hope everyone will decorate their boats for the Fourth of July weekend too. Let’s see the red, white and blue going up and down the lake for all to see!!

Boat Stickers


Don’t forget, if you send in your information for boat stickers, you must also include a self addressed stamped envelope as stated in your packet so that your stickers can be mailed back to you.

If you are having more than 2 to 3 stickers mailed, the envelope will require extra postage due to the weight and thickness of the envelope.

Annual Shareholder Meeting Friday

A reminder that the Annual Shareholder Meeting is Friday night at 7:00 at St. Mark’s Church in Shanksville.  All lot owners are encouraged to attend to hear the “State of the Lake” address (so to speak).  Come meet your Board of Directors and learn what is going on first hand.  The Board members will be available before the meeting if you’d like to chat!2016-05-25 11.51.14

Real Estate Sales

If you are planning to sell your property by yourself or through a realtor, please contact Lynette, the SVDC secretary.  Lynette’s phone number can be found on the SVDC Board page by clicking that link on the top of this page.  Lynette can let you know if there are any back fees due and she can help realtors with settlement details that they may need.  The Board has supplied local realtors with a Welcome letter and a copy of the SVDC Rules and Regulations so that new or potential property owners will know the rules of the lake and other important information as they join our community,


Indian Lake Borough Holds Meeting About Appeal Of LCT Energy Mining Permit

In spite of objections from Indian Lake Borough (ILB), LCT Energy has been granted a surface mine permit by the mining division of DEP on a 150 acre parcel of land east of 160 across from Cherry Lane.  LCT has indicated that the strip mining is a precursor to planned deep mining.

ILB Council is concerned about the impact that mining would have on the quality and quantity of the Borough’s water supply, both well water and lake water.  ILB filed a formal appeal to the mining permit, but it is unlikely that the permit will be revoked.  ILB has entered into a memorandum of understanding with LCT to secure a third party opinion of the potential impacts from mining to the lake and the drinking water quality.  They have contracted the services of Downstream Strategies for this study.  The ILB attorney has gotten approval from the Environmental Hearing Board to delay the hearing on the appeal to the surface mining permit until after a public meeting on May 14th.

Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation is attempting to share in this study and expand the scope to include Lake Stonycreek to learn of any potential impact to our lake and well water.  It appears that all of the mining and treatment ponds will be in the Lake Stonycreek watershed.

The public meeting on May 14th will be held at the Shanksville School Cafetorium following the 10:00 ILB Service Corporation meeting.  The public meeting will begin at 11:00 am and everyone is encourage to attend to get up-to-date information.

Trenching For Sewer to Begin, Expect a Mess

The trenching for the sewer system should begin on Causeway Drive on the Shanksville side about the second week in April with Lake Shore Road to follow. You can expect a mess in your yard as the work is done. There will be pipes on your property, ruts from the machinery, dirt everywhere.

Before the contractors begin work on each property, numerous photos will be taken as well as a video of the property. This is to document what your yard, driveway, etc. look like prior to any work being begun. The contractors will use the pictures to make sure they are returning your property back to the condition it was found prior to the trenching work.

This may take some time. Be patient and your yard will be restored/repaired as soon as possible. It’s part of the process and will probably be a nuisance, but a cleaner lake for all of us is the ultimate outcome.

Annual Shareholder Meeting and Lake Draw Down

The annual Shareholder Meeting will be held at 7:00 Friday May 27th at St. Mark’s Church in Shanksville.

There will be a lake draw down this fall.  The start date is set for October 15, 2016.  This is a good time to plan on making any lake front or dock repairs.  Be sure to submit plans for docks in accordance with the SVDC Rules and Regulations.   Even when funds become available for lake dredging, individual lakefronts will not get dredged.  This is each property owner’s responsibility if they wish to deepen their lakefront and can be accomplished during the draw down.