Welcome Letter for New Lot Owners


Welcome new lake property owner!  We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with the lake and the lake community.

As you may know, Lake Stonycreek is a private lake governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.  This Board of Directors meets at St. Mark Methodist Church in Shanksville at 6:00 on the third Thursday of the month when they conduct lake business.  The Board also oversees an annual Shareholders meeting at St. Mark each May on the Friday before Memorial Day.  Everyone is invited to attend these meetings, however, in order to have a voice and vote at the annual meeting you must be a shareholder of Lake Stonycreek.  Shares may be purchased for $10.00 per share and are issued by the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC) Secretary.

Lake Stonycreek has two online sites where information is shared.  There is a website (palakestonycreek.com) as well as a Lake Stonycreek  Facebook page.

Lake Stonycreek property owners must abide by the SVDC Rules and Regulations as well as any county or state laws.  The Lake Stonycreek Rules and Regulations cover information pertaining to the lake boat limits, boat permits, boat fees, lake building codes and requirements, subdivision of lots, easements and other important lake information.  The Rules and Regulations can be found on the Lake website or they are available upon request from the SVDC Secretary.

As stated in the SVDC Rules and Regulations, there are yearly lake maintenance fees which are billed to property owners each spring along with the collection of any applicable boat fees.  You may also have dam maintenance fees depending on what the previous owners of your property paid towards this fee prior to your purchase.

All watercraft, motorized or non-motorized, must have a current yearly Lake Stonycreek sticker adhered to it at all times on the right side of the watercraft for non-motorized watercraft and on both sides of motorized watercraft.  If you are bringing a vessel from another waterway, please wash down the hull thoroughly on land and flush the engine cooling system, bilge areas and live wells with tap water before launching the boat on Lake Stonycreek.  We need your help to keep invasive or non-native aquatic plants and animals from entering the lake from other waterways.

The SVDC employs a lake patrol to ensure boats have the proper stickers and a current PA boat registration and to make sure boaters are operating their boats in a safe manner following the rules of SVDC and the PA Fish and Boat commission.

Anyone fishing on Lake Stonycreek must have in their possession, a Lake Stonycreek Fishing permit which is sent to lot owners after their lot maintenance fees have been paid each spring.  In addition, all PA Fish and Boat Commission fishing requirements must be met.  The PA Fish and Boat Commission have access to the lake at any time as does the Department of Environmental Protection.

The SVDC authorizes occasional lake draw downs to lower the lake water levels for weed control and to allow property owners to do dock and shoreline maintenance.  Property owners are given ample notice of any lake draw down, which occur in the fall, in order to remove boats from the water and to schedule any work that may need to be done to docks and shorelines.

A list of the current Board members and the SVDC Secretary, as well as their contact information, can be found on the Lake Stonycreek website (palakestonycreek.com).  There is also a “contact us” link where you may send email inquiries.  Any Board member would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We hope that you find Lake Stonycreek to be a friendly, welcoming community and that you and your family enjoy the lake’s beauty for years to come.


The Lake Stonycreek Valley Development Board of Directors